Corriente History

Corriente cattle are small, strong, athletic animals. Columbus via the West Indies first brought them to the new world in 1494. Corriente are a hardy breed. They were originally used for milk, meat and as draft animals. Corriente have remained true to their origins through selective breeding and support by cattle ranchers interested in the breed for team roping and bulldogging.

Corriente cattle have a calm disposition, agility, endurance and excellent horns for rodeo activities. The small size and stamina of the Corriente make them ideal for long term team roping, team penning and bulldogging events. They can easily be used 2-3 years as their flat horns curl in and not straight out-still able to go through the chute with ease.

Corriente bulls mature quickly and herd sires can be used on as many as 50 head of cows. Corriente cows are exceptionally well suited for breeding, birthing and weaning of offspring. Heifers usually have their first calves in their second year. The cows are caring and protective mothers. Being used to fending for themselves, the cattle are very independent and resourceful. They are disease tolerant and have few health problems. They have a  gentle nature and are very easy to handle.