We have been in the Corriente business since 1971 and our cattle are based on 100% pure Mexican Corriente genetics with no outside breed influences. Our cattle are bred on a performance-first basis for team roping and have been proven by World Champion ropers such as Allen Bach, Jake Barnes, Clay O'Brien Cooper, Patrick Smith, Rickey Green, Trevor Brazile, Clay and Travis Tryan, and many others. Our breeding herd is made of up of cattle that consistently prove themselves in the arena before being introduced to the herd; we strive to be one of the biggest and best producers of Corriente cattle in the business with over 2,500 head of producing cows. With ranching operations in TX, NM, and across the southwest, we can produce cattle to meet your needs and have Corriente cattle for sale at all times.


Roping Cattle

Our goal is to produce the highest quality roping cattle available that will stand up to thousands of runs and deliver a consistent run every time down the arena. 



Breeding Stock

Looking for cattle to restock your herd or get in the Corriente business? We have the cattle to suit your needs.






About Hoffmann Cattle Co.

Providing high-performance Corriente cattle for the serious roper